1. Braces, having braces.

2. Person with braces.

3. Vocoder.
My CB handle was Metal Mouth in the early 80s, but I never wore braces. I was the chew-em-up mobile and the spit-em-out base.
by Downstrike October 30, 2004
Due to iron content in blood, performing cunnilingus on a menstrating woman can leave a metal like taste in the mouth. Note that this phenomenon sometimes manifests itself even if no sign of blood can be seen.
After a wild a crazy night with your sister, I woke up with metal mouth.
by meatrunner April 03, 2011
all metal put into your mouth by the ortho, which displays public humiliation, annoyence to the mouth, over load on spit, voice change, and pain to the point where eating is a negative.
"metal mouth loser!"
by hottie 11222 November 02, 2005
A person who eats aluminium cans, particularly of the Jack Daniel's variety.
The metal mouth kid chomped down hard on his can of Jack Daniel's and Dry.
by Ziggaroth February 05, 2009
When the ex girlfriend of a friend or your ex girlfriend is a total, manipulative bitch and has braces.
Melissa, you metal mouthed bitch, you couldnt suck dick good enough if your life depended on it.
by Ninja Kid November 10, 2004

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