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Motocross team, that makes clothes. The t-shirts you see with the skull and German military helmet. Once a favorite of MXer's, now at least one metal mulisha artical of clothing in the closet of every bro. Also makes huge stickers with the skull and helmet, seen on the back window of many raised trucks.
On their way to the San Bernardino mountains to ride dirtbikes and drink cheap beer, the Metal Mulisha team got lost in one of the San Barnardino's city's ghetto's. Their black ridiculously raised Chevy was filled with bulletholes, as the team of bros struggled to get out. Now, their dirtbikes are bein' riddin' by gangbangers all over the city.

During the competition, metal mulisha was disqualified for using performance-enancing drugs, most notably penis enlargement cream
by scalisi November 11, 2006
The Metal Mulisha started in 1996. It was formed by freestylers Brian Deegan and Larry Linkogle.
They started off by writing Metal Mulisha on their fenders with Sharpies and now they’re an internationally known business selling clothes, accessories and dirt bike graphics.
"Who else can say their team was in top 5? Twitch Won, Faisst got 3rd and I was 5th, The Metal Mulisha was in the house"- Quote Brian Deegan gave on Firsthand
by Killing Loneliness March 26, 2007
a brand that any bro is obsessed with; revolves around a skull with a military helmet on; completely retarded and pathetic.
Bro #1: Aw! Did you hear about that Metal Mulisha sale??
Bro #2: YEAH! At the KOTTON MOUTH KINGS concert I got this rad new Metal Mulisha sweatshirt that matches the sticker on the back of my brodozer.
a brand originally started for the motocross scene, their logo is a skull wearing a german military helmet. the logo or brand name is now used to single out racists who wear the brand to show publicly that they are ignorant douche bags. think: red suspenders, and the double s...
guy 1: hey, bro, check this out! i got a giant metal mulisha decal on my truck!

guy 2: thats so tight, bro! but not as nice as my metal mulisha hat with matching t-shirt!

me: you are both giant douche bags who need to find a purpose in life... besides being ignorant.
by person with a brain and morals August 20, 2009
the best fucking motox group in the world with hot guys like deegan and twitch :D
fucking hot.. thatsd good enough!
by keri August 20, 2003
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