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One who listens and headbangs to all types of actual metal music, normally excluding Nu/Alt. metal such as Limp Bizkit or Disturbed. Metal heads have since died down in schools since the 90's. Metal heads are typically seen wearing jeans, a band t-shirt, and either long hair or buzzed head. Since most people to not understand the sub-genres of metal, metal heads are typically mistakened with goths.
Real Metal Bands: Pantera, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Diecast

Nu/Alt. Metal Bands: Limp Bizkit, Disturbed, Godsmack, Linkin Park
by metalex June 10, 2005
184 96
A metalhead is kind of self explanatory, it's a person who listens to a lot of metal. Metal heads can be classified for long hair, black clothing and band tees BUT, not all metal heads look like this. Metalheads tend to dress however they want. A lot people call them selves metal heads, because the only bands they listen to is Slipknot and Disturbed. This is personally an insult to true metal heads, because true metal isn't recognized, such as Ozzy Osbourne, or Amon Amarth.
Average teenage kid: Hey guys, I listen to Slipknot now... I'm a hardcore metal head.

Hardcore metalhead: Umm... why don't you listen to some Megadeth or Behemoth?

Average teenage kid: I don't like all that growling and loud guitars.

Hardcore metalhead: *Punch*
by Zavexave March 22, 2009
114 29
A metal head is generally someone who enjoys metal. Trying to identify a metal head can be an easy task or a hard one. The life style the genre usually portrays is one of not caring and rebelling. Basically, do your own thing and fuck everyone else. This ties in with the whole "difficult" to identify because what you find as something unique, someone else may not. A metal head is stereotyped as a long haired, jean wearing fighter. While this may be true to some, it's not always the case (Except for the fighting aspect or at least the ability to harness an excess amount of rage and use it towards violenct.) Like the many different sub genres, I believe there are different types of metal heads.

The Physical Metal Head:

The easiest of the three to identy. Usually falls in with the "Long hair and denim jeans." stereotype. Exactly what the title states, their interest in the genre is shown physically. Whether it be through tattoos littered around there body, to hair grown down to their waist. More likely to attend concerts.

The Mental Metal Head:

This is the metal head you most likely will not be able to pick out of a crowd. Not ashamed to like the genre, instead he/she prefers the quieter approach to his undying love for it. This is most likely the quiet person with a few friends, usually also under the mental type. The Mental will more than likely commit a larger scale act of violence than a Physical simply because his rage is always bottled up until it can't be bottled up any longer. Usually hates people. Least likely to attend the concerts, but know more about the band then most.

The Mixed Metal Head:

Read the title. Mix random qualities from each of the above types and you've got yourself a molotov cocktail of ass kicking. Most people will probably find themselves associating with this title, simply because of the diversity of the genre and its fans.

There is nothing better or worse between the 3 types shown here, because in the end all 3 enjoy Metal and know that if you're a true Metal Head: No one gives a fuck about what type they are.
You probably could already tell, but I'm a metal head.
by Pandru Salmon September 11, 2007
100 34
A Metalhead is anything you, or they want it to be, there are many definitions of what people think a metalhead is, the ONLY one's tht are wrong are the ones saying that they are evil people with only destruction in mind (this is complete bull ¬_¬), a real metalhead is generally one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, sure, they tend to be extremely loud and intimidating in large groups because of all the noise they make, but its all in good fun, the true meaning of "metalhead" is to listen to the greatest kind of music EVER! and still respect others for their own opinion on it. Remember "Only treat others how you wish for them to treat you."
Jamie:- Lewis, i think its happening again...!
Lewis:- What's happening?!!! :O
*Both go completely nuts to any kind of metal (apart from emo,etc)*
by Nephilim September 15, 2007
81 28
One who listens to music for it's talent. The artists may be everyone from Bach and Mozart, to Arch Enemy and Iron Maiden. They believe that the so called "Class system" and "social status" are just labels that the insecure people in society have created to seperate themselves and make them feel superior. If a metal-head weres a shirt and is asked why, they will say "Cus I like it" NOT "Cus I'm a metal-head" True Metal heads will not say such things. Generally very accepting over different ways of life with a strong sense of moral and honor.
Dude 1: That guy isn't a metal-head, I checked his playlist, he listens to Bach and mozart
Dude 2: Whatever he's listening to Arch Enemy right now and yesterday was jamming to Iron Maiden, he's a complete metal-head
Dude 1: You can't listen to classical music and heavy metal and say you're a metal head!
Metal-Head: Actually you can, where do you think music started, with the classics. *Sighs* Oh the ignorance.....
by TIMOTAIO October 06, 2006
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Somebody who loves heavy metal. Don't always have the "look". And it's not even necessary to listen to just the classic metal bands, you can listen to the subgenres. You just have to appreciate the genre as a whole.
Chris is a metalhead.
by someone from new york January 24, 2009
49 6
Some one who listens to metal. Period. Whether it be thrash, death, grind, or even black metal, thats all there is to it. Listening to it. Metal isn't some cult. Metal isn't about wearing band t-shirts or doc martens or wearing black constantly. Metal is a type of music that lets you vent your frustration, not the way you dress.
Mallcore kid: Look at my wicked slipknot t-shirt. I'm total kvlt black metal because I wear black and listen to ICP.
Metal head: *smacks face with palm in disgust*
by atomskharuka May 26, 2007
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