the full list of mg games that i know are: Metal Gear (1987) metal gear 2 (1990 I think) metal Gear Solid (1998)ghost babel (2000 I think) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of liberty (2001) MGS 2: substance (2002 for xbox and 2003 for ps2)MGS: the twin snakes, a gamecube remake of the 1st mgs (2004) and last but most definitely not least, MGS 3: snake eater. if the time sequence follows through, MGS 4- which is in production I've heard- will be out in 2007.
also see: most kick ass video game series of all time.
Damn that's alot of typing.
by Adrian December 11, 2004
A gigantic walking war machine ;) Produced in many different forms such as Metal Gear RAY and Metal Gear REX. It appears in the Metal Gear games.
by Shotaneko-Kev September 28, 2003
A nuclear equipped walking battle tank. Metal Gear Rex was held by the army, with legendary technology. The US marines later made use of Metal Gear Ray, which was amphibious, unlike the army's Rex. Metal Gear Arsenal was disguised as a rig in the middle of a lotta water. It was revealed to be more than just a weapon, containing nearly every piece of valuable information to the US government. It wasn't just a weapon, but the core of the country. It was guarded by a bunch of Rays. I don't know where the story goes from there, as I have not gotten Metal Gear Solid 3 yet.
Wow. It's a cool name that has been re-used for projects of killing machines and databases for the US government.
by blah December 26, 2004
*A massive bipedal tank (bipedal, as in, two-legged) equipped with state-of-the-art weapons, and capable of being equipped with a nuclear arsenal. Being bipedal, it is capable of launching a nuclear missile from ANY point on the face of the earth, from mountains to deserts to swamps, ANYWHERE.

*A verb, used to refer to dangerous intelligence-gathering, spying, espionage, etc.
"A Metal Gear would be cool in real-life, but imagine the dangers..."

"I'm going to Metal Gear that guy's house."
"I'm going to Metal Gear the enemy base."
"That guy can pull off a Metal Gear with ease. ^_^ "
by Dave April 16, 2004
Any acts of shadyness/sneakyness or when you don't want to be seen.
"My ex-girlfriend is in the mall, I better Metal Gear my way out of here"

"That man in the trenchcoat standing on the corner looks very Metal Gear"
by MasterGecko April 24, 2009
1. a phrace to make people feel awkward by coming un behind them and whispering it to their ear with a rugged many voice
*sneak senak senak*
"...Metal Gear..."
by 5n4k3_G33r March 19, 2009
the act of something being so gay or awesome that you randomly say METAL GEAR in a sentence
dude i just failed the test, METAL GEAR

dude i just pwned you, METAL GEAR
by afronaut01 October 26, 2009

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