"Meta" describes a reference made in fiction, where the work reaches outside the narrative and addresses the audience directly or demonstrates awareness of itself as a work of fiction. This is best explained as when a character "breaks the fourth wall", for instance by looking directly at the camera and commenting about the movie or show they are in.
In the TV show Community the character Abed often makes meta references by referring to himself and the other characters as being in a TV show. In response to this, one of them once commented "Abed, it makes the group uncomfortable when you talk about us like we're characters on a show you're watching."
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by CeraWithaC April 18, 2016
In gaming: an acronym for Most Effective Tactic Available
That play is so Meta right now.
by Fenriren December 31, 2015
Meta-HTMLTM is a programming language specifically designed for working within the World Wide Web environment. Although it is a genuine programming language, suitable for large-scale symbolic manipulation, it provides the most commonly wanted Web functionality as built-in primitives, so you don't have to write them.
Check out The White-Paper Manifesto (circa 1996)
For example, in linguistics a grammar is considered as being expressed in a metalanguage, or a sort of language for describing another language (and not itself).
by bluesparty February 04, 2013
A hyper-glorified term for Neurotic.
Only jackasses use the word Meta.
by wegosolo November 30, 2014
A super search engine that combines the results from all search engines into one big results page.
Meta search engines are teh s3x.
by s0x0r November 05, 2005
An adjective used to desribe something that might be a stretch, that is, an overly indirect relationship. I.e. metaphysics, where relationships are extrapulated between mind and matter.
"Dude, that mushroom growing out on our front lawn is totally symbolic of the threat of nuclear war, you know, the mushroom cloud and stuff!"

"That seems a little meta to me dude."
by phibroptik May 24, 2005
Self-aware or referring to oneself, usually results in a mindfuck and the consequential explosion of one's head region.
Heterosexual: I have something to tell you... I'm gay.
Person 2: But you're name is "Heterosexual"
Heterosexual: Since when are you meta?
Person 2: Since when are you meta-meta?
Heterosexual: Since when are you meta-meta-meta?
(Continues until the respective head regions of each party explode)
by Vimmy October 31, 2007
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