A super search engine that combines the results from all search engines into one big results page.
Meta search engines are teh s3x.
by s0x0r November 05, 2005
An adjective used to desribe something that might be a stretch, that is, an overly indirect relationship. I.e. metaphysics, where relationships are extrapulated between mind and matter.
"Dude, that mushroom growing out on our front lawn is totally symbolic of the threat of nuclear war, you know, the mushroom cloud and stuff!"

"That seems a little meta to me dude."
by phibroptik May 24, 2005
Self-aware or referring to oneself, usually results in a mindfuck and the consequential explosion of one's head region.
Heterosexual: I have something to tell you... I'm gay.
Person 2: But you're name is "Heterosexual"
Heterosexual: Since when are you meta?
Person 2: Since when are you meta-meta?
Heterosexual: Since when are you meta-meta-meta?
(Continues until the respective head regions of each party explode)
by Vimmy October 31, 2007
Feel that strange feeling in your leg? Yeah thats the Meta ripping it off of you.
Feel that strange feeling in your leg? Yeah thats the Meta ripping it off of you
by Somebodyelse123 September 09, 2011
name for a guy of Thai decent, typically sarcastic, cynical and shallow but for some reason extremely charming. Can be extremely romantic and caring when he wants to be, places a lot of importance on physical appearance of his mate. Has serious self-esteem and trust issues, is incapable of making deep connections with people and is extremely picky when it comes to dating(or maybe he's just a pansy and not over his ex girlfriend who treated him like crap and was the only girl he ever slept with). A heavy drinker, loves to party and people love to party with him.
are you and meta dating? no he just lead me on and never called me back.

meta was so drunk last night he threw up at the table at ihop
by poopie pants 333 December 07, 2010
Meta is a Greek prefix meaning to go beyond. So when you meta someone's drink, you go beyond the acceptable amount. When one asks if they can taste your drink, then they chug half of it.
Sure you can have a sip, just don't meta that shit.

I smacked that ho after she metad my drink.

I just opened that 40oz, and now that she has metad it I have barely any left.
by The Old Milk Man October 28, 2010
Meta is a name given to an amazingly beautiful girl. (Translating in other languages as pearl). Girls named Meta are usually, beautiful, artistic, hilarious, loyal, outgoing, kinky and very lovable. These girls are keepers and are always hard to get, but they are worth it. They are good in bed and will always suprise you. They are also very unpredictable and you will never know whats gunna happen next.
Meta's A Sexy Chick!
by chuchutrain0202 February 03, 2010

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