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the capital of sicily.many mafia boss's might take the name (messina)to discise their real names.the name messina is a very balla or O.G. name to use.So only straight Gangsta's have this name or have the privalige of using this name.
tony is a mob boss.his full name is Anthony Pescini.
but we wouldn't want tony to get in any trouble with the law so tony decides to change his last name from Pescini to Messina.The place of his grandfather's origin.
by jonathan messina September 26, 2006
A town in California, roughly 100 miles north of Los Angeles. It is run by its mayor Leonato and frequented by soldiers returned from wars.
1."I learn in this letter that Don Pedro of Aragon comes this night to Messina!"

2."My lord, your brother John is ta'en in flight, and brought with armed men back to Messina."
by Count Claudio January 31, 2009

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