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to be in a state of mess
That shit is messed up, yo!
by Andres October 25, 2004
97 73
1.)To be wasted or drunk. (see wasted).
2.)To be beaten up badly.
3.)Something that is strange or weird.
look at that 6 legged freak, that is messed up!
by Mark October 13, 2003
313 112
1) unjust, lacking fairness, unfortunate
2) describes a situation where someone purposefully does something to complicate the life of someone else
3) in ruins
1) "You're mom won't let you go out of state for college? That's messed up."

2) "You told the teacher that I did it? That's messed up."
by Josue06 December 20, 2005
227 103
being in a daze as a result of alcohol, drugs, or sex
Man he's so messed up.
by Celestasia May 10, 2005
86 59
Like messed but in the up direction.
Toby: "Oh, that's messed up. Steven, can you make that mess a little bit lower, thank you!"
by grammaticalfail October 25, 2011
33 42
i beat u up
man dawg i messed u up
by Tommy May 02, 2003
31 90