merve the perve
to perve out on someone
by heathermichelle December 03, 2003
Top Definition
Beautiful Girl, usually with turkish origins. Merve is lovely and the nicest girl ever but can be a hot chick too. Has the hottest lips and angelic smile and her body is damn fine.
Boy : Damn ma what's your name?

Merve : I'm Merve.

Boy : That explains your bomb lips and perfect looks.

Boy 2 : damn dude look at that hot body!

Boy 1 : Dude that's a merve!

Boy 2: OHH that explains her sexy body.
by jlneea November 22, 2013
originated from merve the perve;

1- noun: a creep, 2- verb: to creep, 3- adjective: degree of creepiness, 4- adverb: to complete something in a creepy manner
1- Goku is a merve.
2- Goku is mervin'.
3- Goku has a mervish smile.

4- Goku mervily stared at the small children.
by woofpaque December 21, 2009
A bum, or vagrant with approximately 15 minutes left to live.
Jesus, look at that merve!
by Jason May 09, 2003
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