1) To be merry is to be jolly or happy
2) Oversized heat-giving choir boy
Tom was feeling Merry.

Richard Merrison
by Cweek March 17, 2005
Since no one has put up a definition for the name Merry, I will. Merry is a cool girl that's asian ;D. She lives in California and is currently attending Lake Intermediate. She's an awesome chick who likes to hug people outta nowhere. She has an awesome husband named Izzy<3. She doesn't like it when people make fun of her name. Merry is one awesome chick.
I love Merry.
by MonstrousMerry October 25, 2009
a goofball girl who going out wit dan and is a very emotinal drinker
man merrys crying yeah dude its cause he drunk
by stor April 15, 2005

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