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merow - A random word said by teens and mentally retarded old people who think they are cats. Originated In Canada.
...merow ?

Person#1:Hello, How are you today ?
by Amanda June 23, 2004
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Almost like meow. Said by teens who have nothing fun to say in canada.
The bored girl in Canada said "..merow??"
by Mike June 23, 2004
The sound that a rhino makes... my b/f and i came up with one day while being bored and not being able to figure out what sound rhinos really make!
Rhino: "MEROW"

Boy: "Merow"
Girl: "that the heck is that sound?"
Boy: "I dunno"
Girl: "Its going to be a rhinos sound cuz i don't know what sound they really make"
Boy: "Ok!"
by dinostar June 23, 2006

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