A heavy drinker, esp. a habitual one. A witty person who holds down the bar til the break of dawn; rarely leaves their post. Mermen enjoy the celebration of beverages and spitting game to random girls. Pertaining to one who buys rounds of grape bombs for all those around them.
"Merman was on point last night...he was buying grape bombs and pouring them down girls throats!"

"I can't go to the bar because I'm broke and I have zero game....Fuck that, Merman will take care of you!"
by redcin49 August 20, 2009
Top Definition
A sea creature having the head and upper body of a man and the tail of a fish.
"The merman swam through the ocean water with his mermaid friends"
by pow January 21, 2005
A man who has his hair (and/or beard) dyed any number of (or combination of) vibrant colors just like women have been doing.

Silver appears to be a dominant color. The trend started during the summer of 2015.
Look at all the colors in that merman's hair!

by PhilosopherDrummer November 19, 2015
1. A creature that is half-fish, half-man
2. A kind of dressing that can only be described as "table"
3. An old white guy who screams in little kids' faces about cereal box colors.
Did you see that guy? He was such a merman because he was half-fish, half-man.

Dude, look at that old white guy. I think he's screaming at some kids about cereal.
by Like Fire February 10, 2009
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