to mermaid, was mermaided, is mermaiding - used for a situation where everyone is completely inebriated. The word mermaid is considered to bea creature who is completely submerged in water and a person who is mermaiding is someone who is completely full of alcohol.
ex: "dude everyone was mermaiding last night, but i think we should mermaid out again tonight"
by MaryWash November 28, 2011
Woman who, on account of a case of severe lethargic nymphomania, seldom leaves the confines of her bed. The legs of such a woman, it is conjectured, would slowly begin to fuse into one were her lady tunnel not constantly inundated by wave after wave of avid lovers. This is all very well, you might think, but the nearest shower is in the other room and so she smells of rotten fish.
Larry: "Aah...Suze is such a wonderful woman"
Barry: "Get lost, mate, she's a fricking mermaid, for goodness sake!"
Garry: "Have you both lost your minds? She's made out of latex"
by pale fire August 22, 2008
A girl who smells a bit fishy in her nether regions.
Boy: I tried to go down on a mermaid a few nights ago but I couldn't handle the smell! Hasn't she heard of hygiene?
by Olivicat February 05, 2011
A sex toy that swirls in the vagina and vibrates on the clitoris.
Dr. Sue Johansen recommends the Mermaid for ultimate satisfaction...HOT STUFF!
by Kate Kedvesh May 07, 2004
A true, genetic lesbian, but you can't tell upon first meeting her. Important to identify because you will never get the pussy. Usually enjoys and takes advantage of the fact that dudes dig her. Hence all the maritime mythology.
Man, I was head over heels for this girl. It took me a while to realize she was a mermaid.
by Farmz October 03, 2007
A female who is human above the waist, and fish below; A woman with intense seafood or shellfish odor (if you know what I mean).
My ex girlfriend was a mermaid if you know what I mean. The bitch was stank like a dead animal carcass!
by Nitz Rockstar December 31, 2007
When one ties up their girlfriend and places her half way in the ocean with her legs tied up, while she then performs oral sex on a man.
I totally performed a mermaid with your mom after swim practice last night.
by King Tritan November 04, 2008

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