(n): a word used to describe a woman that is gorgeous from the waste up but is anywhere from slightly fishy to smelling like a fishing boat below the waste. i.e. A woman who possesses a fishy vagina
Hey Corry, that girl that you hooked up with, was she as good as she looked?
"Nah she was a mermaid..."
Im sorry bro better luck next time
by Baracuda052 December 27, 2011
A virgin girl, usually prude yet, gorgeous.
"Why can't I ever keep a boyfriend!" Probably because your a mermaid.
by Tiggerely April 12, 2011
(n) a lady who enjoys frolicking in the ocean, or any water body, in the form of swimming, snorkelling and diving. Typically wears her long hair braided with seaweed tangled in it. Other characteristics include sandy and salty ears, surf nose and a full smile due to immersing herself in the wonders of the ocean floor.
1: "That girl always goes to the beach but I never see her on the surf."
2: "That is because she is a mermaid"
by noodie September 11, 2015
Someone who has been shipped too many times. Being a mermaid means that people have shipped you so many times that you seem like a slut.
Friend: Oh my god! I totally ship you and Ralph!
You: But you've already shipped me with Ross, Jimmy, Sarah and Trisha!
Friend: Well, now it's you and Ralph!
You: Oh my god! Stop turning me into a mermaid!
by _tomcat711_ March 09, 2016
acquired immune (or immuno-)deficiency syndrome: a condition, caused by a virus, in which certain white blood cells (lymphocytes) are destroyed, resulting in loss of the body's ability to protect itself against disease. Merm-Aids is transmitted by sexual intercourse, through infected blood and blood products, and through the placenta. Gay Mermen are at high risk of contracting Merm-Aids. The first known case of Merm-Aids was documented in 2005 when Ray William Johnson stuck his dick in a Blowfish. We'll miss you hootie
Don't touch Ray William Johnson, he has Merm-aids. Maybe Elton John will write a song about it.
by Fat Diction August 21, 2012
A chick who is a hot babe from the waist up, but fishy from the waist down.
After taking that babe home from the bar last night, I discovered she was total mermaid, cause her snatch was sour but she looked hot.
by Oulkk10 February 07, 2011
Weigh-bridge operator. An official who weighs freight trucks and also regulates other compliance issues for professional truck operators, particulary in Australia and New Zealand, i.e. a cunt with scales.
Watch out mate the mermaids are out on Highway 1 and your rig looks a bit dodgy.
by Kiwi9845 July 03, 2012
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