girl who only gives head and not sex
That girl's a mermaid she wouldn't fuck me
by nick fagle December 03, 2009
a slut who is very good at swimming or a very hot and busty girl on the swim team
Damn, Sarah from the swim team is a mermaid
by kite1308 October 26, 2009
myth water creatures that has a human upper-body and a big fish tail.
ex#1 the mermaids swam with grace in the blue salty water.
ex#2 mermaids are very graceful.
by Cassidt Thirtin November 28, 2006
A rather peculiar looking woman with striking mermaid qualities.
Renise was something of a mermaid. She had long wild hair, and was very thin and sea-like.
by Earl Annie Edna September 14, 2008
a young female, who portrayts herself in the image of a marmaid. not a real mermaid, with a tail, like ariel.. but with the long hair and hypster style. (high waisted jean shorts, longboards, laidback shirts)

this type of girl tends to be laid back, and doesnt care what others think.. there sense of style is high fasion, but not expensive.
This phrase is commonly used in websites such as, "tumblr."
this type of girl is not a prep nor goth, there lifestyle is a hyspter trendy type.
They live life on the edge and are very unique, they dont care much about school, and are known for skipping classes often.

Although "mermaids" tend to be a bad influence and "badass", they are also loyal and a great friend to have.
wow look at that mermaid, i love her style

"______ " dresses like a marmaid.

theres that meraid skipping again.
by mermaid4life. June 01, 2011
Is a mystical creature that's human, but from the waist down, has an aquatic tail, and bigger lungs for swimming in the ocean. Mermaid being (female), and Merman being (male). They were probably mistaken for manatees in ancient times.

The word is also used nowadays to describe people that completely love the beach, also known as a beach rat.
I once knew a mermaid, she loved sex on the beach.
by Shapeshifter89 February 02, 2014
(n): a word used to describe a woman that is gorgeous from the waste up but is anywhere from slightly fishy to smelling like a fishing boat below the waste. i.e. A woman who possesses a fishy vagina
Hey Corry, that girl that you hooked up with, was she as good as she looked?
"Nah she was a mermaid..."
Im sorry bro better luck next time
by Baracuda052 December 27, 2011

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