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v., to involuntarily defecate while receiving anilingus
Get out of there I am going to merm!
by Fred G Leebron August 14, 2003
Short for mermaphrodite. A gender which is hermaphrodite (a being with dual sex organs.) A merm has a functioning male sex organ, while the female does not. Very rarely do both work, and very rarely do neither work. The opposite of a merm is a ferm. Mermaphrodites, Fermaphrodites and Hermaphrodites are always born that way, never surgically altered, so they are not considered transexual.
She was born a mermaphrodite, but never told any of his friends.
by Umbepo July 14, 2005
A jacket made by marmot.
Yo its freezin'!
Nigga grab the merm.
by daddyray November 19, 2011
jacket made by the north face.
adeem: nigga its brick city outside
joey: word thats why i got my merm.
by Brigganigga February 25, 2009
an abbreviation for the word mermaid.
holla at yo mermz.
by fritzehh August 25, 2009
man + perm = merm; usually described in reference to a man with curly hair that could be a perm.
I can't compete with merm
by Leather August 03, 2006
mean old bitchy teacher
Merms is a biotch
by KPA STUDENT December 28, 2008
Man-Perm, male with unusually springy coiled hair, ie Michael Jackson in his early years had a Merm, aka Jerry Curl.
Michael Jackson circa 1980's had an impressive Merm, as has Eddie Murphy his entire career.
by MichelleMcCue May 17, 2013