The means of getting Murder-Killed in any situation.

i.e. during video games, hit and runs, getting made fun of publicly, and/or losing in any way possible
Oh man I was playing C.O.D. 4 last night and this n00b came in and started talking shit, so me and my friends merked his clan by 14 kills.
by Merksauce June 07, 2009
To be beaten up. To get knocked out.
yo son, u got straight merked!
by Matt Hawkins June 17, 2005
verb To be fooled or tricked.
Rio: "Wazza you 'ave been merked! Innit!"
by brownie18 June 28, 2006
When you get beat up, socked, or shot
Me-"yo.. Fuck is wrong witchu bull I'm bouta merk u"
You-" I'm sorry I didnt mean to"

Me-"yo sum bull gon rob me for my shit I just copped a new gun to, bull finna get merked"
My squad-"ard bro imma get the whip"
by T.I.NMan February 15, 2015
When you get beat up, socked, or shot
"some fuck boi gets punched"
Damn he just merked the shit out of you

"just got shot in the leg"
Bro take me to a hospital some boi just merked me
by T.I.NMan September 24, 2014
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