to be injured.
At lunch I saw Bubba on the chocolate merk container.
When I finally saw his picture on the merk box i knew he was merked.
by yojody March 31, 2011
To be rapped about in an uncalled for way.
"Yo, that bitch is a sket, she got caught back at ma yard givin' ma dad head."
Woah, she got merked.
by Porky-Dorky September 03, 2008
When a merman or merwoman(mermaid to the lame person) is seen without his or her clam-bra or clam-hammock and they let their half human/half fishy sea junk just flop around as freely as the the day they were hatched.

A slang term derived from the word Naked. But for fish people.
Sumdu: Yo, alonzo, did you see that mermaid's titties be flopping around ever so ViVaciously

Alonzo: You breast believe it. That bitch was straight Merked. You know when a mermaid is like butt naked.

Sumdu: Yo, i ain't never heard that term before, but I am willing to allow it's use solely for the purpose of this joke, as I too am a humorous individual and I know, dat was like dis wet dream I had once.

Alonzo: Ah HAAaa! Speak truth playa, speak truth.
by jEmess February 28, 2010
To lose in an extremely humiliating manner.

Shortened from the car name 'Merkur', a weird german ford that rarely works. To lose to one in a street race would be uber-embarassing, hence 'you got merked!'
Dude, you got merked by that diesel rabbit, your car is f___ing slow!
by ErikC. April 16, 2008
to get owned at a epic propotrion Merkage or merked
You got merked!

the word started with one of the most contravertial players in q3 arena version 1.16 a player named merky began to get very good and is now considered to be the best q3 arena 1.16 railer
by Natural 12562 December 24, 2008
1. Owned, lit up, pwned, etc.
2. A state of first being stabbed in the chest, followed by being anal raped.
3. Showing a sense of ownership over an item, followed by dissing it.
Person A: Dude! Headshot!
Person B: Merked!

Person A: Dude, I just got merked!
Person B: Damn, that sucks.

Person A: Dude, your dog just got merked!
by Jimasd November 02, 2006
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