-Adj.- bieng high beyond comprehension
arglebabble snaggle daly" response "you're so merked right now, man
by girlslikeme69 July 01, 2010
Practically wasted, stoned, or demolished
"Get merked son!"
by Lauren272 April 30, 2010
The negrow term for getting your ass kicked
The Red team merked the shit out of the blue team 50 to 10
by MLGPOSER June 02, 2009
Getting raped, pillaged, mutilated, ambushed, brutalized, or in some other way murdered, such as by a mercenary for hire. Usually in a video/computer game.

Mercenaries are people who will work for anyone's army if they get paid well. They (historically) have a reputation for being vicious and not following normal military protocols.
*explosion* (pwnzor):you got merked!
by historical1 April 08, 2009
To be rapped about in an uncalled for way.
"Yo, that bitch is a sket, she got caught back at ma yard givin' ma dad head."
Woah, she got merked.
by Porky-Dorky September 03, 2008
term often used in the hardcore or metal scene, meaning getting a black eye at a show or concert.
I got merked at the show yesterday and I have a black eye now.
by nizznut May 12, 2008
To get killed by the means of being ran over by a type of mercedez-benz. Mercedez are seen as expensive gangsta cars which creates the image of the person in the car superior to the person being ran over. Over time this word has been changed and is now used as another word for killed. Many people use it in the terms of being trashtalked.
i'm gonna get you merked man
by SSUR08 September 18, 2007

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