a slut/whore/skank (in a trashy, negitive, gross way) who takes peoples boyfriends and crushes. although she may be pretty she is faker than Barbie with her tanning lotion, highlights, colored contacts, ten pounds of foundatin, and push up bras. everyone thinks she is quite anoying and would enjoy slapping her in her fake ass face.
did you just see that hoe steel my crush?? she knew i liked him!!!

must be a meredith, hun:(
by real_as_real December 09, 2011
Top Definition
Women named Meredith are enigmatic. They are extremely intelligent but have a tendency to act amazingly stupid. They have loads of factual knowledge but little knowledge of the "ways of the world." There two varieties of Merediths. One variety encompasses the Merediths who use their intelligence to act pure and innocent but soon the truth of their scandalous side comes out. The other variety of Merediths are truly innocent. Decipher which type is which at your own peril.
Don't let Meredith fool you; she seems stupid but she knows exactly what she's doing.

Meredith is literally too good to be true.
by Jackson Orion October 13, 2006
Meredith is another name for a cool, mellow girl. She can go with the flow, but if things get extreme, she can deal with it. She's funny when she wants to be, and can adapt to a variety of personalities. This brand of girl is usually found in the south, but you could find her anywhere. Oh yeah, and she's lactose intolerant.
by Liz Coffer June 20, 2006
Meredith is the name of a person you can trust to be your best friend. She is also a person whom you love no matter how idiotic she may act. They also have the tendency to make you laugh even when you're in a crapp mood. Overall, a Meredith is what a true friend should be.
1: "Gosh, my best friend is so dumb."
2: "You should go find yourself a Meredith. She'll make everything better."
1: "Gee, thanks!"

1: "What do you think of that Meredith girl?"
2: "I think she's the $*!t :]."

"Hey Meredith, pro bono pro bongo?"
by jpatel93 February 07, 2009
One who acts immature,
but can make you laugh and pee yourself,
She is Very Pretty.
Sort of a pushover, but does not allow somethings.
Loves to be caring and just wants her friends
and family to love her.
Academically smart, but she can be slow.
Very very sweet!
Sexy, very sexy!
Very shy at first, but a nice fun perso can bring the
Ghetto ass fun self out of her.
Look at that very very cute creature!

It must be a meredith.
by Yourmomsucksweiner December 09, 2009
Meredith girls will typically be an amazing friend or an dangerous enemy if you have the unpleasantness to be on this side. Meredith's are extremely photogenic and are talented at everything they do. If you ever get a chance to have a Meredith as your girlfriend consider yourself one of the luckiest guy or maybe even luckiest gal in the world.
Man your friend is a total Meredith. I wish I had a Meredith type girl.
by jimmydluffy June 30, 2010
a girl who is absolutaly hilarouise even if you are feeling extremly sad she can make you laugh. tends to act a bit stupid in front of others and is the most least shy girl you will ever meeet. She loves everybody and just can be stupid but everybody loves her
omg look at that that meredith shes hilarouise
by Willis Surrie December 08, 2007
A hot sexy women with bangin' legs.. A Meredith's mom could be named Janet,
i was at this dmb show and this women came up to me and just grabbed my cock-a-lock-a with force.. I knew she had to be Meredith.
by fjeudhefufrhf February 04, 2009
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