French for shit.

In Italian this is merda, which sounds like murder. And then you can swear at your mum and dad, as long as their not Italian, and they won't know what the merda you are talking about!
"Oh, sweet merde! I lost my phone!"

"What do you mean, sweet murder? Have you been playing violent games again?"

"Nope. Just French homework."
by Just An Ordinary Girl February 21, 2015
Direct translation to shit (From French). Best chained with other French for the full intelligent sounding insult.
Merde alors! Baise were you thinking!!!???
by Gumba Gumba April 07, 2004
Yeah, those previous definitions pretty much cover it o.O C'est le shit de francais. Oh, yes, and in the French subtitles for Napoleon Dynamite they translated the English "jeez" into "merde." So it could pretty much be anything, according
Merde, je suis tombée dans ma tête. Et maintenant merde, j'ai effacé quel était dans ma copie-paste pour mettre dans les accents. Je renonce si beaucoup de pour les autres. Adore-moi.
by le pas-frenchie April 02, 2005
france for 'shit'. Means 'good luck' in show business. Comes from long time ago, when a lot of people go to see a play, coach's horses shit all over the parking. They whishes 'shit' to wish lot of people in your play.
I whish you merde, or simply MERDE
by Hugo Fiorentini August 29, 2005
Slang reference to the notorious Jack Merde, Indiana's infamous gonzo journalist whose misadventures were chronicled by street magazines across the U.S. in the 70s and 80s via the Alternative Press Syndicate.
"Merde, you idiot! Where's that story you were supposed to have on my desk an hour ago? Are you stoned again??"
by Donald Berry October 28, 2008
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