A game in which someone grabs your hand really tight and swings your arm back, giving you lots of pain. When it starts to hurt like hell you shout "Mercy!" really loud. The point of the game is to see who can go the longest without saying mercy.
We played Mercy during P.E.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
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the one thing Chuck Norris does not know the meaning of.
Chuck Norris knows everything there is to know- except for the definition of mercy.
by Lazarus Lord of Time July 10, 2008
Known as "nobility's true badge" (William Shakespeare). Mercy is helping a person, even if you come off as a bitch. It means being compassionate and sometimes forgiving. Or when you feel so fucking bad you decide they'll let that person continue their lives even if you wish you could slash the person's fucking head of. My name is Mercy and it was a very popular virtue name back when those silly white pilgrims were around.
Silly white pilgrims with your names like Mercy!
by Mercy Fucking Bell August 23, 2004
the hottest girl in the whole world. she usually has long dark sexy hair and gorgeous big eyes. she will most likely have a hot body. her booty is pretty fine too. Mercy is the girl every guy wants to bang.
Dude! did you see mercy today? She looked sexier than usual! I think i just got a boner!
by hockeyandbaseball December 01, 2011
Badass hot motherfucker

She doesn't give a shit about anyone
Out comes mercy, from inside
by Mercy810 December 08, 2014
1. A sweet, fun, loving girl that would be a great girlfriend to provide you love, shelter, care, guidiance, loyalty, trustworthiness, and FOOD!!!!!!!
2. Something God provides for you.
1. Boy #1: "Man, Mercy got everthing, bro! I aint never gonna let her go!

Boy #2: "Man, I wish I had a Mercy!

2. "God have Mercy, Sweet Child!
by ItgodownintheDM June 28, 2016
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