To murder, kill, or otherwise destroy. Derived from the word "mercenary".
If that mothafucka look at me like that one more time, I'm gonna merck somethin'!!!

Jay: Yo Wally, nice haircut, asshole!
Wally: Fuck you bitch, I'll merck yo' ass.
by ACNY August 23, 2006
Top Definition
to kill, murder, end the life of someone else.
first D got mercked, then rob got mercked, and homie still in the hood, y he ain't got hurt?
by ebkbk May 17, 2005
to destroy, own, embarrass, pwn, wreck, damage emotionally, ect.

mostly used by bros, sometimes used by commoners.
"We completely mercked in lax dude"

"merck city, population *insert other teams name here*"
by unsexynoob April 05, 2010
a verb:
to insult or publicly humiliate someone verbally or otherwise. to make fun of someone. (this definition may be local to DC region)
used similarly to "fry" "own" "jone" "pwn"

Often said by bystanders of the fact:

She mercked you man!


by sidwell May 31, 2008
v. to physically leave.
1A. "I'm bout to merck/I say peace to the family/She hop up like/"How you gon' leave before you dance with me?" ~ "Ms. Fat Booty" by Mos Def

1B. We gotta merck out this piece soon, man...girl's gonna start blowing up my cell.
by redgyul June 17, 2005
to conquer and/or destroy; can be used as another word for fuck
I want to merck Charlie.
I totally mercked my history test.
by ley January 06, 2005
A big babushka on a womans crotch
AKA Fur Burger
Dude, I was totally gonna fuck that girl but then she pulled down her pants an she had a huge merck
by David November 18, 2004
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