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A word in the french language that americans don't know how to use in english

French Translation: Thank you
French Canadian: Monsieur, you forgot your wallet.
American: Gimme that you fucking theif!!!
French Canadian: Your Welcome!
by Benormous July 05, 2005
A French word for "thanks" or "thank you".
Person A: "Does anyone here know French?"
Person B: "Oui!"
Person C: "Person B said 'Yes!'"
*5 hours of intensive studying later...*
Person A: "Merci for the lesson, guys."
Person B: "Aucun, MERCI."
Person C: "That means 'No, thank YOU'. Bye!"
by PAG44 March 25, 2014
an angel
Merci is an angel on Earth
by john March 09, 2004
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