An awesome band from Denmark. They sound like early Fear Factory on some albums.

Mercenary is awesome
by XinChanPiss May 15, 2007
One who kills for the money.
Boba Fett is a mercenary.
by L33T G8M3R February 26, 2003
Otherwise known as a soldier for hire, will now be known as james "snake" gibbs
Hey Billy, i got merc. Snake to take out Jimmy the other day- Hunter

Awsome, he's got his shit down don't he, pretty good mercenary- billy
by Huntina August 12, 2008
The coolest job in the world.
Mercenary: I get to kill you for money.
N.K. dude: Im so ronry...
by Dirty Ape August 21, 2005
n. Mer'-suh-nerry, a contemporary American that lives out of total self-interest regardless of his/her impact on others. Totally driven to self-aggrandizement, but shallow, stupid, semi-literate and generally not interested in anything outside of shopping or self-promotion. Will eventually self-destruct by disappearing up own asshole.
Often found reading Us ("Pus") Magazine to find out what other degenerate fools do with their empty, pathetic lives.
Lacks sense of morality and decency. Essentially for sale to the highest bidder, regardless of consequences or prior purchased allegiances.
Will annihilate those perceived to threaten a mercenary's existence. Subtle undercurrent of destructive behaviour.
syn. Whore, Prostitute, Waste of space, suburban dweller, Californian
ant. person of integrity, person with a soul, decent human being
That Paris is such a mercenary. She doesn't know or care about anything except herself.
I was feeling like a mercenary so I hung around Worth Avenue all day carrying a snobby shopping bag.
Those Hessian Mercenaries got their butts kicked and then they went shopping to assuage their feelings of low self-worth.
by AdamanEve February 11, 2006
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