1)The act of mercking.
2)To perform a certain task.
1) Hey, merc me a beer.
2) Merc that light, will you?
3) Damn, I mercked the hell outta that bitches pussy last night.
by KushMe June 26, 2006
A group of people out to get something, usually fucking up a person with their fists and or anything they pick up off the ground.

This may be due to the victim eyeing the mercs' girlfriends, or giving any of the mercs a bad look, or there may be no explanation to fuck a person up.
Those mercs fucked you up man. Next time don't tell their girlfriends that you want to fuck them sideways twice in an hour.

My mercs fucked you up, nigga.
by the mercs July 12, 2008
To kill someone as apposed to someone who kills. Once again, Hip-Hop doesn't know the difference between a verb and a noun.
I'm gonna Merc Tyron for his welfare check during lunch time.
by MedullaPancreas August 05, 2011
A physical discription of someone as hot or sexy. It can also discribe an event that just happened to you as awesome.
Dude that chick is Merc.
Did you just see what happened to matt that was merc.
by Lunchboxxmi August 25, 2008
v. t. imp. & p. p. merced; p. pr. & vb. n. mercing. transformation of the noun form of merc to a verb]

to injure or kill someone (or damage or destroy something) in exchange for payment.
Desperate for revenge, Tony hired a couple of thugs to merc Bobby.
by Jonathan Hamilton April 22, 2005
to capture;kill;ass whiping;or to leave a place
i merc'd that nigga
lets merc out dog
by ya boi swingem October 11, 2003
Rhyming slang for contact lenses, i.e. mercedes-benzes, contact lenses.
I'm not wearing glasses today, I've got my mercs in.
by wilco85 January 23, 2010
Common misspelling for Murk
Person A: Dude I merc'ed this guy in COD last night
Person B: It's murk NEWB
by murkinallday October 12, 2011
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