a very hott girl (who acts ghetto) AND IS AN AMAZING RAPPER with lovely hair who is the bestest friend in the whole wide world...ohh yeah and MUST love hott sauce and put it on everything...she went over her txting bc of a friend...she pees while on the phone with courtney AND cracks her knuckles....MAKES THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATES...ohh and in marching band....a pleasure to be with in bed when she doesnt get on the floor at 2 in the morninng.LOVES GREASE...someone who dances in french class.
mer: im so stoked (ha your lingo)

mer: gahhh i need hot sauce

mer: me singing in french class...what an embarassment
by courtneyyyyyyyyyy December 08, 2005
another name for man, derived from a kid who trandformed the word "man" to "mer"
Yo what up mer
by Avid Duspitz May 16, 2004
Most often used as an expression of dismay or weary indifference.

Japanese transliteration of the English word 'mer'.
"How's things?"
by Kotoro-kun January 29, 2015
Another saying of meh, pretty much has the same meaning of it's fine or it could be better. (All credit is given to Emilee Van't hof)
BF: Is chinese food good for dinner ?

GF: Mer
by Cpt tickletits December 28, 2014
major eye roll
"mer to you asshole"
by toooooeeeessss November 28, 2014

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