A term used when there is nothing else to say or randomly in a sentence. This creates conversation in the same context. furthermore, originated from CLTC5 2011 coordinator.
RACHEL- "You have something on your neck"
by Nurse Marge August 09, 2011
a mateing call of a mer monster
by xX__MrKid666__Xx January 13, 2010
A phrase used by the the kids at school that are kind of random, but strangely cool. This can be used to express things such as:
a. Anger
b. Covering up foul language, instead of bleep
c. Another way of saying "Don't do that!"
*Boy walks up behind girl and scares her*
Girl turns around to boy and says "Mer!"
by merlarklar June 17, 2011
Massive Eye Roll
I can't believe I had to go to work on Martin Luther King Day. MER.
by amandavis January 20, 2014
mer is a combination of the words "meh" and "gr" used to express irritation and annoyence
you know what! mer! just mer!
by Knight0fFortune December 29, 2013
The word you use in public situations where stating what you really think would be socially unacceptable... or have you facing unemployment.

M.E.R. = Must Edit Response
Dude1: Did you see the new girl? She's freaking hot!!
Dude2: Oh yeah, I saw her. I want to .... M.E.R. ....
by ghostgyrl March 16, 2008
One of the two categories of races in Bethesda's popular roleplaying series, The Elder Scrolls, the other category being Men. They range from the Altmer of the Summerset Isles to the Dunmer of Morrowind. They are descended from the Aldmer, and they from one of the two groups of Ehlnofey, the original mortals, the other group becoming the Men of Nirn. Often called "elves" by Men in the games and players who don't know better.
Curse these Mer. Skyrim is for the Nords!
by BlueDagger February 16, 2014

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