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*self explanatory*, non-disposable knowledge! -bad or good etchings, (present, past, or possibly future...) on the malleable human mind. these could include: death/s, birth/s, divorce/s, non-disposable interaction of quality with other humans, assorted tragedy/s, etc...
these are the memories which we will carry to the grave!, (-like the time you got fucked so vigorously you wanted to cry for your mama!, but it still was glorious!!)
my memories of that car crash will remain a mental tattoo!!

she ground the poison out of me with vigor, it shall forever be a mental tattoo!!

that sex party was never again re-created, everyone got off; and it shall forever remain a mental tattoo!!

she got off like a fireworks finale, a mental tattoo i will never forget!!
by michael foolsley January 14, 2010
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