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The sensation of an uncontrollable string of thoughts that can go off on tangents at any time, usually resulting in the sufferer becoming stressed and restless.
An example of a string of mental diahoreao; "Edan cheese tastes weird, what is that red stuff around it, it tastes awful, awful like that vinegar I drank, i wonder what kind it was, i need to sleep though, I think i was spanish, ah bull fighting I'd hate to be a bull, although if i were put out to stud I'd be alright, studs in people's head look weird sometimes, anyway I must sleep now. although didn't that guy i saw at the bus stop have a stud, it looked cool, i wonder what he was eating, oh man I could eat some KFC, yeah a big bucket, like a victorian prostitute eating KFC in the night, i really need to sleep now, maybe if i just don't think," 2 minutes later "although I'd hate to get the clap.."
by Seddy December 07, 2007
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