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The point at which a female's stomach protrudes further than her breasts.
"Did you see that chick? She was totally violating the Mendoza Line."
by Besus May 14, 2010
a baseball term for batting around or below .200.
phrase was coined by George Brett after a player named Mendoza who, uh, sucked
A-Rod and Jeter are hovering around the mendoza line one month into the season.
by Lindlof May 28, 2004
The point at which a woman's craziness outweighs her level of beauty.

For a woman to be considered "below the Mendoza Line," she must be sufficiently crazy that it doesn't matter how beautiful she is; you would still not sleep with her.

Based on the baseball term of the same name, referring to the point at which a player's poor batting average cannot be justified despite his defensive abilities.
George- "Dude, Suzy's all over you tonight. Why are you ignoring her?"

Brett- "Trust me man, she's way below the Mendoza Line. Her last boyfriend had to change his social security number."

George- "...mind if I go for it?"
by Paul83 March 19, 2011
The absolute minimum effort or accomplishment required to be considered sufficient. (Named after Minnie Mendoza or Mario Mendoza, depending on whom you ask -- two major-league baseball players with lifetime averages around .200.)
"I was going to buy that old Suburban, then I find out it gets 10 mpg, and I'm like, 'No, that's below the Mendoza Line.'"
by mookie1313 May 31, 2006