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Menata is a greek word for kicking ass in a Chuck Norris kind of way. By doing a menata you are the coolest guy around. Menata is fucking uber.
Chuck Norris ass w00ped menata'd Steven Seagals ass two times in a row.
by Ato Miato June 21, 2007
Menata is something uber cool that nobody else can do except of a small group of people or maybe Chuck Norris. There isn't a certain topic it is linked to so it can be used anywhere.
Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked my head off.
Chuck Norris ass w00ping menata'd my head off.
by Kwstas Polizogopoylos June 21, 2007
menata is a greek word that means that you do something which is sometimes gay or eating meat(dicks).Also if you lick fanouris you are eating menata.
do you wanna eat my menata nigga?
you better run white boy cause i ass woop menata you!!!
by Mayros Xondrowes June 22, 2007
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