A person who posts obscene amounts of memes of Facebook and/or tumblr, consequently clogging your activity feed (see spam).
Guy 1: hey, i think i should add Belle's as a friend on Facebook
Guy 2: nah mate, watch out, she's a meme fiend!
Guy 1: a what?
Guy 2: a meme fiend-you'll be spammed by her endless amounts of Internet venality!
Guy 1: oh...but she's hot.
by donthitron April 03, 2013
Top Definition
Someone who spend their life looking at internet meme.
"Hey, bra.... check out that dude sitting in the first row. He's been looking at a meme of an asian dude eating pizza with chopsticks for the last ten hours. Hot damn! What a meme fiend!"
by webcaptain May 09, 2012
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