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Someone who spend their life looking at internet meme.
"Hey, bra.... check out that dude sitting in the first row. He's been looking at a meme of an asian dude eating pizza with chopsticks for the last ten hours. Hot damn! What a meme fiend!"
by webcaptain May 09, 2012
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A person who posts obscene amounts of memes of Facebook and/or tumblr, consequently clogging your activity feed (see spam).
Guy 1: hey, i think i should add Belle's as a friend on Facebook
Guy 2: nah mate, watch out, she's a meme fiend!
Guy 1: a what?
Guy 2: a meme fiend-you'll be spammed by her endless amounts of Internet venality!
Guy 1: oh...but she's hot.
by donthitron April 03, 2013
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