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A dix hills kind of town right next door to the hills of dix. Its in the same school district as the dix hills kids being the half hollow hills district. Both the northern state and LIE run though it and melville has its own post office unlike dixhills. which pretty much makes dix hills huntington station, but dont tell anyone from dix hills that.
For example, you could say im a dix hillian but then again i dont even live in dix hills i live in Melville.
by john foe September 28, 2006
The type of person who forms an opinion on something based on what they find on urban dictionary.
This person will search everything from food groups to nicknames and take what they find as solid, factual evidence.
A "Melville" can then use such information to understand various forms of edgy slang with more "accuracy" to use against foes.
Boy: "hey, how did it go does he like your nickname?"

Girl: "no he looked it up on urban dictionary and it meant handjob"

Boy "oh what a Melville!, better luck next time chum"
by It'sYaBoy August 23, 2016
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