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An amazing noise-core band in which the members are all japanese. They are insanly loud and fast, and their concerts are considered by many to be the best in the world.
They consist of:
Yasuko: Vocals (Loud,Asian)
Agata: Guitar (Simply amazing)
Rika mm: Bass (SHES FUCKIN HOT!!!!)
drummer changes quite constantly.
Wow! Melt Banana is really cool! I wish i was as awesome as they are!
by Johnny B. March 22, 2004
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a fuckin amazing band from japan. they rock your ass hard.
the melt banana show was fun as hell, now suck my cock
by scissorquiz July 17, 2003
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A "noisecore" band founded in 1992. Their discography includes 8 full length albums and 23 EPs. Members include Onuki Yasuko (also known as Yasuko O. or just Yako), Agata Ichirou, Rika mm' and later on Toshiaki Sudoh. Many people enjoy the almost random and spontaneous sound effects from their instruments.
Mark: Wow, this band rocks! It's so weird, but in a good way!
Kim: Yeah, I know. Melt-banana's really awesome.
by Swid June 09, 2006
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extraordinary speedcore band from Japan popularised in the UK by the late great John Peel. Features Agata on guitar (and surgical mask), who uses a dozen pedals in order to produce his unique sound; the fairly spunktastic Yasuko on yelping vocals; the mightily arousing diminutive Rika on throbbing bass; and a succession of drummers. Exhilarating stuff, to be sure.
"I say, I wouldn't mind a meat sandwich with these melt-banana (sic) girls!"
by moi777 July 10, 2008
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