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this is a sort of evolution to "kobetard." this is a fanboy that now rates "carmelo and the knicks" as the best team in basketball, and that rates carmelo anthony as the best player in basketball, neck-and-neck with kobe bryant, and better than lebron james. ESPN is what causes this. Even though Carmelo Anthony had his best statistical season with the Denver Nuggets last season, (2009-2010), nobody said anything like that. He's playing worse this season, he gets traded to the {NEW YORK} Knicks, and he's the best player in basketball. Also note that New York is the biggest media market. This is fact, not opinion. (theblitzchannel) on YouTube explains it all.
MeloTard: "Carmelo Anthony is the best player, and the Knicks are gonna win the title this year, and EVERY YEAR!"
Anybody else: "Shut up, MeloTard."
by aLEx_002 March 27, 2011
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