A football legend at the University of Toledo who helped lead Toledo to 3 consecutive undeafeted seasons. Now is a term to describe some one who you really like too the point of stalking
Guy #1: I think that girl is stalking you...

Guy #2: It's ok, I'm her Mel Long
by Racin' Randy August 31, 2010
Top Definition
A word that constitutes a loving expression. One might use this word in order to express their love for another inanimate or animate object.

In order to harness the power of "mellong" to its full extent, one must roll their tongue just before reaching the first "mel-" and then flop their tongue back down as they reach the "-long" part.

This word is the human version of the sound that Yoshi makes when she extends her tongue.
Friend One: "I bought you the latest Ipod."
Friend Two: "Mellong."

Friend One: "Here have some of my snack."
Friend Two: "Mellong." *Lifts snack into mouth with tongue*
by Jyoonbabi September 14, 2010
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