1) any one of various large juicy fruits
2) slang for breasts, boobs, boobies, jumbilies, etc.
1) the mellon i had for dinner last night was the shit
2) WOW did you see the size of her mellons
by the cheat February 19, 2003
Top Definition
The elvish word for friend.
It is also the password (and answer to the riddle) to the Doors of Durin.
"Gandalf! What's the elvish word for friend?" "Mellon."
by JuliaMarie February 07, 2010
Large womans frontage; mammary glands for the purpose of milk produce for new born child. Alternatively great for sucking and squeezing!
Get a load of her Mellons, they're huge!
by Ponk February 16, 2005
A term to refer to Bostonians with celiac's disease who crave being with gay twinks.
Watch out for those drunk Mellons over there. They may try to make you their bottoms!
by Head Kelly March 31, 2009
used in a stoner culture and is derived from the word mellow.

it means that someone agrees with what is being said, or thinks its a good idea or that it was awesome
Stoner 1: "I got so high yesterday and then ate the dankest chocolate chip cookies"

Stoner 2 replies: "Mellons, that sounds like a good time."
by nlamb March 08, 2010
A Bostonian Flamer that resembles Elton John who craves huge black cock.
"Hey Mellon, why don't you get that cock out of your mouth and get help Head and I!"
by Mathew Moynihan July 27, 2005
to decrease the breast size of
"I'm going to mellon you with a plastic knife if you don't shut up."
by master141 February 19, 2009
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