People combined into one homogeneous society
Canadians are a bunch of Melders
by CMC69 May 31, 2011
Top Definition
The stage between middle age and elderly. Not a specific age, just as a tween is between youth and teenager. It is a state of mind.
I'm not an elder but I'm not as young to be considered middle age, I am a melder.

The doctor described her as "a pleasant melder of 79 years, who enjoyed running, swimming and her grand children."

A cool, chill elder, is considered to be a melder.
by RadioGuy2014 July 03, 2014
A machine namely made out of metal with the ability to combine two things into one.
I became one with the sun by using the melder.
by Donnythepab May 25, 2003
when some one thinks there king shit at something but in reality are completely incompetent and shit house at it and can do nothing but fuck it up
hey man did you see jimmy try to drift his car said he was drift king
yeah man but turned out he was a complete melder and went pole bound
by catwoman69999 January 25, 2014
A melder is a another word for a shit.
I just took a Melder on that football pitch.

He just dropped a Melder in his pants thats foosty.

I need a Melder.
by ganja89 September 26, 2010
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