Sadly thoughtfull, glum
He felt melancholy as he gazed into the rain
by Blue Ruse August 07, 2006
The end of the world
Itsugay:looks like shes melancholy
Kyon:oh crap, ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!
by POOCHIEBUNNY August 04, 2009
A misspelling of meloncolly, a hybrid of a melon and a colliflower.
Person 1: What's for dinner?
Person 2: Oh, just some hash and melancholy
by Invaris July 21, 2006
A cool word.
I've often felt melancholy in this life.
by GaryX December 29, 2003
a type of fruit with a rough outer shell.
The fruit salad is adorned with a whole lot of melancholy.
by Gina June 20, 2005

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