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Coolest name and person, ussually in relation to a smart, intellectual, rational gentleman.
One day I want to marry a Meir, and have a Meir as the father of my children.
by Hope E. December 31, 2006
A sexy guy. Generally thought to be very good with ladies. Can hold his alchohol, generally a party guy.
"Man, did you see Dave last night, that dude was a Meir!"

"Dude, I wish I could be smooth as a Meir..."
by FoolishApollo July 18, 2009
A Meir \MAY-er\, noun; is

1. A well-groomed, well-dressed, dashing, and obscenely wealthy gentleman.
2. A shrewd and sharp businessman.
4. A virile alpha male whose very presence sends women running home to change their underwear, and makes other mens' wimpy peni shrivel on the spot.
Did you hear!? David just won the lottery! He's such a meir!

Hey, why are there so many panties on the floor? Oh, I see, Meir was here.
by bigfatlizard October 11, 2011
a male skank, hoe, whore, slut. not a player because its just too sleezy for that.
Your disgusting guy, its not cool anymore. Your turning into a real meir.
by Debbie Did Dallas December 03, 2006
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