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an uncommon female name. usually the girl with the name is undescribable. she will make u laugh whether u want to or not. u could always turn to her when u need a friend because she can keep a secret and is pretty good with advice. she is also a pretty good listener. she is sarcastic and has a good sense of humor.
person 1: "hey, meghin!"
meghin: "hey!"
#meghin #awesome #funny #undescribable #sarcastic #laugh #friend #girl #female
by random person o.o November 23, 2010
An evil, unattractive woman who thinks she's always right and God's gift to man. Has jacked up teeth and an ugly personality. She depends on men for everything and cannot be without a boyfriend for more than a month. Should be in a mental hosptial and never released. Better known as a sloppy drunk and an easy nail.
you see that drunk loud nasty girl over there, that's Meghin
#whore #slut #jealous #evil #ugly
by random person o.o.o August 01, 2011
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