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A file hosting site which is very similar to rapidshare but in my opinion, is right now a lot better than it. You don't have to jerk off for 15 minutes to download your second part of the 1kb file you're trying to download and it's a lot faster than rapidshit.
Rapidshare can go suck my dick. MEGAUPLOAD ALL THE WAY.
by pewpewlaserpewpewpew May 30, 2009
One of the most popular file sharing websites - until it got taken down by the FBI on the charges of "Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering", "Conspiracy to Commit Copyright Infringement", "Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering" and "Criminal Copyright Infringement".
1: Hey! Download my Minecraft texture pack on Megaupload!
2: I can't! I just get an FBI warning!
by BBgamerUK February 03, 2012
Verb: To place a copywrited file on a legal file transfer service with the intent to distribute.
"I'm using Dropbox to megaupload some music files to myself at work."
by klutchell January 20, 2012
MegaUpload is annoying flash site that offers 1 click hosting.

It is usually compared to RapidShare but it fails.
Random: I will upload the porn to megaupload.
Me: Use rapidshare bitch.
Random: lolz.
by xPsycho January 20, 2008
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