shittiest band ever..... not half as good as metallica
dave mustaine and megadeth can fuck off
by kenneth123 August 05, 2007
megadeth is a great band. but face it, they will never be metallica, even with dave alchaine
metallica didnt need that crack head, they still released good shit until st.anger and possibly load. megadeth just isnt and never will be as great as metallica
by archeopterix November 27, 2005
1. Band known for their lead singer Dave Mustaine who sounds like he has nasal blockage when he sings. Also he was kicked out of Metallica for generally being an ass.

2. Not as good as Metallica
The Album has Failed
by John W. Kole December 25, 2004
A absolutely horrible band and all of u deuchebag fags who think they even stand a chance against Metallica u should be shot Metallica really didnt need that useless crack head kirk is SOOOOOOOO... much better than mustain is and ever will be so stop dreamin megaqueers
Thanx god mustain left it really didnt hurt Metallica because they picked up Kirk who is just as good if not better and isnt a crackhead asshole and made Metallica much better than megadeth
by A Metallica fan June 03, 2006
a poormans metallica
megadeth: did you say metallica won't do your show?...well then we will!
by z man March 15, 2005
yes dave mustaine is a talented musician, but he's a selfish, inconsiderate jerk. he was kicked out of MetallicA because of his drug problems, and cause he's a jerk, and cuase kirk is better. if mustaine never existed, there still would be a metallica becuase it was started by lars, not dave. megadeth is not as heavy or as good as metallica, and definately not as good as slayer. dave hates them both because he jealous that theyre better than him. he is just a puppet and drugs are his masters. so shsut the fuck up you megaidiots.
dave mustaine is a selfish bastard.
by MetallilbangeR April 03, 2005
A shitty metal band with a cool name.
Holy fuck, Megadeth blows chunks!
by Alex Gilman November 27, 2004
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