thrash, speed metal. recently released the system has failed. classic albums like countdown to extinction, peace sells, and cryptic writings, etc.
If you haven't downloaded the conjuring live 92, then you should jump off a bridge right now.
by anonymous May 01, 2005
The greatest metal band ever. They kick ass. "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying", "Blood of Heroes", "Symphony of Destruction", "Psychotron", "Tornado Of Souls", "A Tout Le Monde", "Countdown to Extinction" etc.

Also see: Anthrax, another kick ass band.

Whoever says Metallica is better is just a wannabe, and thats pretty much the only Metal band they know.

Megadeth's way better than the asshat sellouts who call themselves "Metallica".

Metallica is a teenybopper's band.
Megadeth kick the most ass. Unlike Metallica, they love their music and don't sellout for money...

Fuck Metallica...
by go20orange March 24, 2006
Formed by ex metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine, who got kicked out for having drug problems. One of the best and greatest metal band on earth, up there with Metallica.
Megadeth was one of the best metal band on earth until they broke up in April 2002.
by Jack September 19, 2003
Amazing band with a shitload of amazing albums, formed after Dave Mustaine was kicked from Metallica for being a jerk.
n00bs to thrash metal tend to only listen to Metallica and criticize great bands like Megadeth without giving them a chance, while completely ignoring other bands like Testament, Exodus, and Kreator.
by Mephysto July 02, 2009
The best speed metal band in the world! The fast guitar solos, amazing lyrics, and drum rhythms are only part of what make Megadeth the best.
Megadeth's RUST IN PEACE is probably their best album ever.
by monster rat April 16, 2010
One of the greatest, most influential metal bands to ever have been formed, lead by the musical genius, lead singer and rhythm guitarist Dave Mustaine. They are highly underrated, because they pioneered some styles of heavy metal, the majority of thrash metal, and began speed metal.

Dave Mustaine was kicked from Metallica after his problems with drugs and alcohol and becoming violent. Though he held a short grudge, he set a goal that he would become better, faster, and heavier than Metallica. Therefore, it is for a fact, that Megadeth is the better, more consistent band. Metallica is still a good band, nonetheless. Dave Mustaine was the lead guitarist of Metallica, and thus is skilled in that area as well, and has a place in playing about 40% of Megadeth's solos. Although his solos aren't excellently clean, they are THRASH! His lyrics are also very well-written, and meaningful.

Those who bash Megadeth, saying things like "fuk off megadth iz the worst band in the wurld fuck you and all of you megadeth bitchs, go metallica!" ... Clearly, you're uneducated, the only words that are projected from your mouths are 'Metallica' and 'fuck', and have not heard more than three Megadeth songs, or enough to get used to their style.
Isn't it ironic that every single one of Megadeth's guitarists are better than Kirk? Megadeth's solos DO NOT consist of simply pentatonic scales.

Mustaine wrote songs like Ride the Lightning and The Four Horsemen (Mechanix), which his style can clearly be heard in. As Metallica progressed after Mustaine was fired, musically they strayed from Mustaine's style, allowing for a decline in the quality of their music.
by HulloMe July 01, 2011
Short: Better than Metallica, a lot better.

Long: A Thrash Metal band formed in the eighties when guitarist Dave Mustaine got kicked out of Metallica; Mustaine later forms his own band Megadeth. Megadeth's career follows Metallica's like a shadow, including the less-thrashy albums like Countdown to Extinction and Risk (Though it can be said that those albums are better than Metallica's album during the 90s). Most metalheads, along with the Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford, agree that Megadeth is superior to Metallica.
Megadeth pwns Metallica in every way (except vocals)
by Archer250 March 26, 2012
An awesome speed metal band formed in 1983 by Dave Mustaine, guitartist and singer, Mustaine was actually the singer for mettalica until 1983 then he was thrown out. To this day, Megadeth has made 12 albums to this day, and are planning on making more.
Megadeth is a good band
by Yournameisalreadytaken July 30, 2011
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