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sexual act; just as soon as you have realized your hand has fallen asleep, you go outside and run up to every woman you see and introduce yourself to each one using your still-numb hand, and ask them if they'll agree to give you a hand J with it. It is proper, but not necessary, to state that there is a time limit of around 3-4 minutes, as numb hands don't last forever. A nearly impossible act, they are highly regarded as one of the rarest and most respected forms of sexual contact between a guy and a girl.
~Jim has just awakened to find his left hand has gone completely numb~
Jim: OH fuck yea!!
~runs outside, approaches Jenny~
Jim: Hey girl I'm Jim, I like kick boxing, I drive an 88 Mazda RX7 and I have a dog named English, you wanna help me crank one out?
Jenny: Nice to meet you Jim. Me llamo Jenny and of course I'll jack you one.
~Jim instates the Time Limit Clause~
Jim: Fukkin sweet, but I should let you know you've got about 3 minutes to pump one off.
~Jenny takes note of the kind gesture~
Jenny: Well we'd better get going *wink*

~Jim has just executed the nearly non-existent Supreme Victory Perfect Mega Stranger~
by cassuduh March 01, 2009

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