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("MSG") A skate crew originating in the carlsbad-vista-oceanside area that consists of excessively attractive, extreme beasts, including the nathan

may refer to other meaga skate goon members as goons

owners of the pit of death at bressi and ultimate mobbers of vista and the bressi shell station

can also be refferred to as the mongo skate gods, even though none of them are mongo.

TSC, RSK, are their bitches for sure
because those guys suck major.

KOOK: goddamn those mega skate goons guys. those sexy beasts stole my girlfriend, had sex with my mother, burned down my house, shaved off all my body hair and beat me at SKATE.

GNARLY GNATE: and i jerked off all over your good linens!
by gnars mcgee March 16, 2009
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