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A remote location located in a large hole north/east of Pakistan. A smell emanates from this hole which has been reported by many Amazonian tribes, despite the stink of their own location. Those who have actually BEEN to m**rpur tell of unspeakable horrors which mustn't be detailed even on this website.

The semi-human village inhabitants tend to be very simplistic beings, trading in goats and living in buildings composing mainly of shit.

The Pakistani army made it so that m**rpur can only be reached by a rickety bridge, so as to keep the m**rpuri people in, and warn everybody else to keep away.
Trampy Asian #1: Stfu man!
Trampy Asian #2: Hell no, you dirty meerpuri shit!
Trampy Asian #1: Oh no, you crossed the line bro!
by Paak Man May 03, 2008
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