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verb; to whine about anything. Synonym for complaining or whining.
Dude, quit meeping about your day. We all had a bad day, and all you've been doing is 'meep meep meep.'
by doyleem72391 December 02, 2012
1.) Socially awkward people
2.) People who do not rage
3.) People who are very quite, unsocial
4.) People who do not associate themselves with the opposite sex
5.) They are very studious
6.) Have "girls night in" every weekend
7.) Prude
8.) They don't use substances
That girl is such a meep she stayed in to study instead of going to the rage
by bigtittycommittee February 25, 2012
1: the sound the roadrunner makes
- To meep: the act of ingesting ecstasy
1: meep meep!
2: are you rolling? hell nah, i'm meeping!
by that one bitch; January 29, 2012
A word that replaces any insult.
Meep you man, meep you!
by JesusProGangsta November 01, 2011
The meow made by a domestic cat when the cat is specifically asking something of or from a human. interrogatory
ex: meep? = 'what are you doing?', " Are you ok?', "Will you brush me now?' Aquestion.An inquiry
by Sven_Archer August 18, 2011
Small version.
That kid is a meep! A small child dressed like an adult- in a suit, etc.

Look at that meep card! Those little credit cards on keychains that look exactly like the big version of the credit card.

Anything that looks exactly like the natural-sized item, but in extra-small form. Especially if it makes you laugh because it is so cute.
by LWWESQ August 06, 2011
A word used to fill the silence in a boring, bad, or just plain stupid situation.
Guy #1: Hey
Guy #2: Hey, whats up?
Guy #1: Meh, not much.
(guy 1 didnt ask how guy 2 was and five minutes passed)
Guy #2: Meep,
by The what? July 28, 2011