Meep is a self explanatory word that can literally mean anything. It's so awesome and cute to say (:
-guy and girl texting-
guy: Hey!
girl: Meep!!
girl: means whatever you want it to ;)
guy: Great!! I 'll be over in five can just get undressed now (:
girl: -.-"
by Fruffy Mittens March 07, 2011
The mating call of a male Kai when he is ready to procreate
Look at all the little Kai's meeping they are so cute
by Mr. niceguy1000005 November 07, 2009
Meep originated from the word peep, which means to make a small noise.
1: I poked the mouse, it meeped.
2: How are you? MEEP!
by Meepmeepmeepmeepmeep May 25, 2009
The sound a mouse makes when it's been trodden on
Man that mouse sounded funny when it got stood on and screamed meep
by Sam_Affleck October 12, 2008
A feeling of sadness expressed through sound.
A small cry for help.
generally a stand alone sound.
If something, like the computer was not working, then you would say "meep" as a feeling of sadness or pesonal cry for help.
said with chin tucked down, to create higher sound.
by magic_Unicorn June 09, 2005
Random internet expression-- such as w00t. Also phrased as m33p. Think: What sound would a sheep make if it didn't say "Baah!"?
"Meep!" "Meep?" "Meep!"
by XxvVVvxX June 16, 2004
The sound created as a human is prodded/poked/touched with something cold or sharp or even startling.

Began years ago, about 4, online in a mad craze on a game.
Being prodded with a finger in the stomach would produce this sound.
by Falcion May 06, 2004

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