when you're at lost for words or are stuck in a sticky/awkward situation.
Boy:So you want to go out sometime?
by bootyliciousjj October 14, 2010
In stories he wrote in the 1920s and 1930s, H. P. Lovecraft used the word meep to represent the vocalizations made by ghouls. Lovecraftian ghouls were subterranean humans that had degenerated into dog-like cannibalistic creatures.
A man he had known in Boston ... had actually made friends with the ghouls and had taught him to understand the simpler part of their disgusting meeping and glibbering." ~ in "The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath"
by Jersey Muse July 05, 2010
"Meep" is the word that Meepits mostly say.
Meepit: Meep meep meep!
Person: Meep? What is that?
by Purple Faerie Meepit November 13, 2009
The sound made when one's nose is touched affectionately.
Boy touches girl's nose.
Girl: "meep"
*both giggle*
by miffz June 26, 2009
1) An original, imaginative person.
2) A cool, wacky and really really really nice friend.
Meep is one of the nicest people in this world.
by Peeves April 11, 2004
A meep is the sound a cat with a defective meow makes. "meep, meep". This is a different sound then the cat's motor which is ofter referred to as a "purrrrr". We have a cat who was very ill as a kitten and now cannot meow, as well as having with some mental disability. The sound she makes is a "meep" instead of "meow". She is referred to as a meeper.

2. A "meeper": (noun)reference to a cat with a defective meow.
3. "Meeping" : (verb) the
1. The cat sat in front of the door and cried meep, meep.
2. A meeper: (noun)reference to a cat with a defective meow.
3. Meeping : (verb) The cat is meeping at the door again.
by defective meow January 25, 2014
The sound that a girl makes when trying to be absolutely adorable...
Peter: Hey! You're so cute!!
Elleora: "meep"
by MrAsianPeter November 11, 2013

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