Something that Lilly and I say when we are bored.
"Let's pass notes" Lilly said.
"Ok" I replied
"Meep" I write down on the paper.
by Bettrthanu02 May 20, 2015
Meep is the great word that defines everything it used in conversations

Ninja-"meep meep "
Ninja 2-"are you serious"

or even when you have nothing to say
Ninja-"why did you kill him"
Samurai 4-"um... meep"

there is a secret organization for all meepers or meeplings even the foretold meepees
the art of meep is very sacred that it ain't just one art it is martial arts, music and art art

it can change every sentence you make and very thing you do

it is a cube with a 'are you serious' face and penguin arms and shoes
"May the meep be with you"
"Who meeped on the table"
"What the MEEP!"
by batmansuncle September 09, 2013
The sound or text used to annoy, to get someones attention.
When someone is not online, you send them constant messages with the word "meep"

When sneaking up behing someone and poking them with a loud "MEEP"
by nemolover February 22, 2011
"Meep" is the word that Meepits mostly say.
Meepit: Meep meep meep!
Person: Meep? What is that?
by Purple Faerie Meepit November 13, 2009
1) An original, imaginative person.
2) A cool, wacky and really really really nice friend.
Meep is one of the nicest people in this world.
by Peeves April 11, 2004
Isn't it the sound that Beaker from the Muppet Show makes?
by Anonymous August 01, 2003
'It's meepalicous"
by Aurora876 December 01, 2013

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